Policy for Formal Dinners and Alcohol

May 11, 2016
  1. The formal dinner is dry (no alcoholic beverages). This means no alcoholic beverages are consumed at the meal or the associated social gathering beforehand, and students may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to dinner or the social event. Under these conditions, students are not required to register the formal dinner through the event registration process but only need to coordinate this with Caltech Dining Services as well as Campus Life and Programs, who should be informed in advance of the event in case there are any potential conflicts with other scheduled activities.

  2. Alcohol in the form of beer and wine may be served by a licensed bartender to of‐age students and guests at the social event prior to and during dinner if the house membership chooses to do so. Tom Mannion will select the wine and nonalcoholic drinks; student affairs will pay for the beverages with equal amounts for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. The dinner must be registered as an event and the bartender must be arranged through student affairs. However it is not necessary to have a safety inspection or security present at the dinner or social event. The Caltech policies for bartending (checking IDs, one drink per person at a time, etc.) and student affairs rules for liquor amounts apply. Of‐age students and guests may take one glass of wine or a beer to the dinner table. Students and guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to the social event or dinner.